Friday, January 6, 2017

JATP in Atlanta: Do You Know How To Help Your Child Become More Creative?

Happy New Year to all of those parents who are excited to have their child participate in the process otherwise known as "Atlanta Private School Admissions" or in other circles, "JATP Prep".

When parents begin this process, one thing crosses their mind: "Do we need to do anything to prepare our dear four to ten year old for this process?". Many parents ask their friends about what they need to do during this process. After countless coffees, dinners and play dates they are presented with a multitude of options that seem daunting to the blind eye but are keys to practical (and productive) parenting.

In my practice of helping parents with Admissions Preparation, we take a different approach in ensuring that students feel confident and successful with this process. Outside of our traditional cognitive development approach that relies on a European-Asian model of enhancing intellect, we take into account one important faculty need to be strengthened when children engage in metacognitive .

One area of focus that seems to be missing in many family dynamics is creativity. Parents strive to give their children the very best in their lives.  These attempts are commendable however, this provides children with an environment bereft of problem solving and self-reliance.

Recently I was able to spend time with the man who created the multi-colored single chamber clicker pen. When describing his inventions, he was able to give historical accounts about what was happening in history during the time. Each of his inventions and patents had made history and this humble man left the conversation with giving us one piece of information that made us understand why he was able to create so many innovations: he was comfortable with being left alone.

Unlike most children who grow up being shuffled from one scheduled activity to another, this man was left to analyze and observe the world around him. His keen sense of awareness enabled him to examine what was wrong or what could be improved if given the opportunity. It takes discipline, motivation, and follow through to be successful in life but happiness through accomplishment sometimes requires contentment in being alone.

The next time you sign your child up for another activity think to yourself - how can I help play a role in my child's creativity. It is a wonderful thought that you are a good parent because you are able to give your child what they want and need, but looking towards the future, how can your child apply the knowledge to become great.

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