Monday, January 30, 2017

Atlanta Orton-Gillingham: The Different Individuals Who Could Help Your Child

Who are the different specialists that can help your child with a processing disorder?

Before you look at signing up your child for a program, here are the recommended individuals who could serve in the best interest of your child's development. This is a general list and may be helpful as you are researching and comparing different services:
    1. Pediatric psychiatrist
    2. Pediatric neurologist
    3. Pediatric developmental specialist
    4. Pediatric endocrinologist
    5. Pediatric geneticist
    6. Pediatric otolaryngologist
    7. Pediatric ophthalmologist
    8. Speech and language pathologist (audiologist)
    9. Neuropsychologist
    10. Educational psychologist
    11. Educator with special education credentials
    12. Reading tutor
    13. Physical therapist
    14. Occupational therapist
    15. Pediatric social worker
    16. School placement expert (educator)
    17. Disabilities attorney
    18. Family physician or general pediatrician 
If you are having challenges with your child's reading progress or need more information on Dyslexia and using research based programs to help with your child's educational progress, feel free to contact Christine at Learning Ridge by emailing: or you can call me at 404-964-8533.

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