Thursday, May 12, 2016

JATP Prep: What It Is... What It Should Not Be

I’ve spent the better part of the last decade answering questions from parents that believe that helping their child with certain skills is important for development and not a criminal act that should be considered wrong. Many times parents will ask me why they should or should not have their child prepare for the JATP. 

Here is what I have to say:

To be completely honest with you, those who tell you that you should not prep for the JATP have more to fear than the imaginary "you will get in trouble" scenario they play in your head. When I worked with my very first client - she went into this "Atlanta process" and was given information by a “Consultant”. This "Consultant" who claimed she was a former Private School Teacher told her, “ you don't need to do anything and of course, your child will get into the XYZ school.” This "Consultant" charged her whatever it was that she did, sat across the client, looked at her child and said, “she’s got a good shot.”. Four months later - the child was rejected from each and every school that she applied to.

Fast forward one year later - the mother calls me to tell me that after one year of my guidance and assistance - the daughter was accepted to all four schools that she applied to. I was in utter shock. After months of planning and due diligence, I  was happy beyond belief that from "nothing" we were able to gain everything. Preparing for the JATP is simply more than a behavior that could be “coached” (something that I do not believe in or support), it’s a way of life that I share with my clients.

Over the years I've watched parents who have “prepped their children” and have seen what type of results it has garnered. There’s "coaching" (ineffective in my opinion), and then, there is good parenting. Sometimes as a parent - you may perceive yourself to be the best mommy in the world, but other times you need to know when to draw the line in the sand and ask  for help to be a great parent. Think of it this way: When you are  bringing your child to the doctor for the first time - are you the type of parent that will withhold the fact that they will be getting a shot that may cause them a tinge of pain, or are you going to tell them what they will need to expect so that they do not have a chip on their shoulder for the rest of their life here on earth? 

I know what type of parenting I was exposed to -  and I’m glad my parents  were educated enough to know when they needed me to understand the world that was beyond my comprehension. That’s all it is - nothing more, nothing less.

This is why I feel so strongly about parents being informed about this unruly and emotional process. It is not a process  that is difficult - or something that you should be scared of; merely one that will prepare you for the life of  good parenting. Something that you should always strive to live.  

If you need assistance getting your child the help that they will need for JATP Admissions Preparation, do not hesitate to call Christine at 404-964-8533 or you can email me at 

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