Saturday, May 14, 2016

After The Psychological Report: What Do I Do Next?

I had to laugh when one of my clients fell for the oldest trick in the book: a list of recommendations found at the end of her child's Psychological Evaluation that read more like a list of Oprah's Favorite Things than evidence based, research backed methodologies that would help move her child from a life of wasted time in the classroom..

One of the most important qualities that I find to be indicative of a person's character is their integrity. Now that I have grown older (and much wiser than I would like to admit), I must say that integrity is compromised all in the name of cronyism when it comes to education. Psychologists recommend someone they play golf with or the neighborhood lady who tutors children on the side. I've seen some go so far as to recommend a teacher without any credentials who works for a school that one parent would pay hand over fist for her child to attend. Or take horseback lessons for an issue that the child doesn't even have.

Are you kidding me? Is it ethical? Not really. Is it what people are doing? Yes - but I do not know why (nor could understand the reasoning behind this behavior).

I come from a place where people do business with people and have learned that competition breeds excellence. Sad to say, this is not the case in some areas of town. I've watched people spend thousands - I mean thousands of dollars to watch their child take 2 years to learn how to read a book that takes only three months for a child to read under my guidance. Rather than taking the time to find out if a child will succeed with the newest supposed "neurological advances", parents have signed children up for the strangest things to make their problems go away.

I don't believe that any problem can go away overnight - but I do believe that sometimes, it takes more than a few hundred dollars worth of franchise fees to help someone help themselves. It takes courage, strength, intellectual fortitude, and lastly - insight to be successful in changing anything.

There are some processes that need to change as far as how people treat those who have children who need our help. We should not admonish them because they do not know what we know - we should be truthful and help them with what we know works best.

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