Monday, February 20, 2017

Atlanta Orton-Gillingham: Does Your School Really Understand Dyslexia?

Sometimes I come across a parent who has a child enrolled in a school that has a person that champions themselves as being "Orton-Gillingham certified". I'm pretty fortunate enough to understand the difference between identifying a person who is "Orton-Gillingham Certified" and an individual who is "Orton-Gillingham Proficient".

At this period in time, there are many reasons why some children are struggling in reading than others. Not every parent has the ability to lean in during a Parent-Teacher Conference and really understand how some of the comments that your teacher is giving you can come across as a time when you need to start searching for help. But I would be a little suspicious if your child is struggling in school and the only individuals that the school is recommending are staff that are in the same building.

I've seen some awful things in my life when it comes to children who may need a different approach for remediation or enrichment however, one of the worst has to be when parents choose the wrong people to help their child with an issue. One parent came in to tell me that one of their teachers (an Orton-Gillingham Member) claimed that her daughter needed Orton-Gillingham and for some reason or another, the mother paid thousands of dollars to the school and after four months, the school could not provide any documentation that demonstrated progress from the money they collected. I was livid when I heard of this and after less than one month, the student went from sounding like a Kindergartner sounding each sound out to reading in complete sentences.

I'm always happy to see that I can stand behind all of my hard work and everything that we set out to do is accomplished.

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