Thursday, September 29, 2016

JATP: Admission Preparation - Nobody Does It

I've got a bone to pick with some parents here in Atlanta. It comes from the single fact that they love to give their best buddies misinformation when it comes to raising their children and "private school prep".

Don't think that, for one second,  I don't get it either. In the past  I've been burnt by a few so-called "friends" that take the information that I share with them and claim it as their own. At least when I help people, I refrain from using psychological warfare like some parents in Atlanta and say, "you don't need to study" or worse yet, "Go to this person because that's the only person everyone goes to!". But somehow, somewhere, parents get sucked into the "Test Prep Trap" that eats up at their time and unfortunately, their dreams of having a child attend private school.

I'll be honest with you - I am adamant about who I work with and tell them that this process is not easy. The stakes have become increasingly more difficult with each passing year because with each "class" of students, the options for great insiders becomes even more competitive. Many of the people that you call might not even know what they are doing because, to be quite candid with you - they have actually called me pretending to be you to obtain my trade secrets. So if they tell you that they do prep, you can believe them. Now, is it the "prep" that you'll need in order for your son/daughter to do well on the test - that is for you to decide.

I love what I do and (given that there are only a number of hours in the week where I can help those who need Admission Preparation here in Atlanta), I don't think that everyone understands the process as well as I do. It's very complex, from the moment that I meet your child until the last time that you step into the school - every child that I work with has a map of what they need to do and where they need to go. I've seen children receive acceptance letters from places that I knew, from first glance - would take them. Even when the cards do not look like they will be in favor of a student from our initial Opportunity Assessment, we review different parts of the process to ensure a favorable outcome.

Yes, it's true - my clients are asked to not share my information. What we do is so private and individualized that it should come as no surprise that I tell them, "please don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook or whatever social media website you are normally on. I'm not looking to be the McDonalds of Admissions Preparation."

You'll laugh at this because one of the first items of business that I have with my clients is that I tell them to not refer people to me because I'm not in the business to expand, but to excel in my skill sets and, perfect it with each and every child. My inner circle will tell you that I'm a private individual that only others "talk" or "gossip" about and frankly, it just doesn't even raise a hair on my neck. I have to laugh at all these people who show off because at the end of the day - they won't answer the phone when you are in tears after you child's application has been reviewed and declined. I'm not like that - I don't pretend to care if I really don't and if I do care, you'll know.

Business is not a business without people and the people that I work with during Admission Prep mean the world to me (and they know it!) I know what I am doing (a little too well) and I'm really proud to say that I've had more students turn into Mensa members than I would like to admit. When it comes to Admission Preparation - it's not studying for the test - it's preparing for success. If you study for the test - there are flags that will show what you did and you will, invariably - without a doubt, get burnt.

I condone those who work with clients and prepare for the "JATP Test". I'm a professional - and I teach my clients how to blow out their competition, point blank. That's a fact - no matter how you look at it.

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