Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The "Mommy Corps" in America (Atlanta)

Yes, I said it, but I am afraid that you might not even know what this is unless I define it for you. I suppose that you can hear the Liberal Arts major in me as my voice resonates with the sound of complete hysteria when I tell you about the "Mommy Corps".

One day, there was a mommy who thought she knew more than anyone in her circle. She knew more than her physician, her pediatrician, her husband, even her own parents that spent the last 26 years putting her through undergrad and grad school. When she stepped into the second phase of her life, she decided that she knew more than everyone because she had..........children. Does this sound familiar? I'm afraid that it has become more common than not.

Enter, the "Mommy Corps". It's a nice battalion of soldiers that come together to discuss the trenches of warfare as they enter the next 18+ years in raising their children, and everyone else's children. Being part of the mommy corps only has one requirement: being a mommy. The sad thing is that the only opinion that matters is yours or that of your friends or the friends of your friends, and who is to say if you are a good mommy or a bad mommy because the only opinion that counts is yours? In this day and age, research, rationalism and experience does not matter. Veterans of the "Mommy Corps" only believe in one thing and one thing only: themselves.

I have a few individuals in my circle who have risen in these ranks. Some have done extremely well preaching their own gospel of motherhood. Others have been able to provide a living for their 5th Avenue lifestyles sharing their inner circle of who they would like for you to do business with. Others hide in fear of public spaces and judge from the inner workings of the internet. They are here to stay and the only person who can manage to live around them are their husbands who live in dire straits when they are under attack.

I'm not one to say that the "Mommy Corps" is, or is not effective. I have one mother who has graduated from the "Mommy Corps", helped her child - and has helped everyone else's child in her community. She was one mother who spent her mornings, afternoons and evenings researching ways to help her child. My staff and I admire her for her hard work and she did it all to help others in need who were not as fortunate as her.

When you are looking at helping your child, sometimes it is best to determine what is best for your child and to seek the guidance and wisdom of a professional who may have the ability to understand how the process works from start to finish. I would not go to a person who has never been a doctor to give me medical advice - why should you consult with someone who is in the same position as you to help with the future success of your child?

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