Monday, October 12, 2015

Atlanta JATP "Private School Parent Archetypes"

It’s October, also known as “Private School Season”. If you haven’t done so already, the calendar that coordinates all of your personal goals and objectives will slowly be overtaken by your child’s Private School Schedule. It’s going to be an arduous ride for all of you, but how will your personality fit in with this entire process?

After a decade of working with so many clients in this city, I’ve come to realize there are four different types of “Pre-Private School Parents”. Read through these descriptions and try to figure out which one you are!

“Do Nothing” Parents

These parents are the first to turn in their application and the first to start crying silently when April comes and they receive an onslaught of rejection letters in the mail. They’ve spoken to all of their friends who have kindly told them that the only way your child will get in will be to just turn in the application.  Perhaps their odds may be better spent on a weekend in Atlantic City but not on the future of your child’s private school placement. My experience working with these parents is the moment that they call me in the spring, it’s time to work on next year’s application.

The “I’m Connected” Parent

They are members of  the same country club as the Former Headmaster of the school that you are applying to. Or they think that if they have lunch with the mothers at “Insert Name of Private School”, they’ll get in. Easier said than done, right? 

I’m Getting JATP Prep/Consultation From A Former Private School Staff Member

I’ve seen some parents that have taken the time to work with these private school consultants and it’s really interesting to me. Some of them have a background that is so far from education that I wonder how they can even consult on the proper “educational fit” for your child. 

After a few years in the field, sources have confided in me that the information being presented is more of a formality that provides a little more than the what you could see from a brochure/website. As far as anything above and beyond that, good luck! 

Holistic Approach Parent

These parents are the ones who plan ahead, look at their different options, and focus on a plan for private school. When these parents call Learning Ridge, LLC, they know that they have someone to talk to and can rely on their years of working with clients who have successfully been admitted into these private schools and also who are currently attending these private schools, to help them through this process. By working with our experienced Educational Consultant, you will know how to prepare your child for the next few months, but also yourself!

So there you have it! Which archetype to you belong to?

For more information about the Admissions Preparation Process for Private Schools in the Atlanta area, feel free to contact Learning Ridge at 404-964-8533 or you can email us at:

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