Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Common Core In Georgia

I've been asked by people both in and out of my circle about the Common Core Standards. The Common Core Standards are a set of objectives that the Department of Education has mandated that all states follow to strengthen the position of the United States as it attempts to earn back it's place in this global competition. What I have discovered in the last few months are rather disturbing.
Many States Are Not Ready To Implement the Common Core
I've done my research and have been extremely disappointed at the fact that despite these standards have been put in place for several years, many states have not prepared for the implementation of the rigor and difficulty of the new standards. In Georgia, I've noticed a few passive attempts to "talk to the public" about these new standards, but it's been nothing more than a mere whisper to announce that they are going to integrate these standards by merely posting the standards in the classroom....
Publishers and Book Companies Do Not Know How To Address The Common Core
When we had the CRCT, EOCT in Georgia, it was fairly easy to understand how to teach various objectives to students. As we have migrated to Common Core, the task is to teach this new generation how to think "critically". Over the last few years, I have yet to see publishers compile the ideal set of resources to help students achieve this goal. Curriculum developers are struggling to do this which results in poorly written books, study guides and materials that lack in the content needed to help students, school staff, and parents with better test goals.
Teachers Want To Teach, But Are Lacking The Support
As a professional, the most important aspect that can attribute to success is being prepared. The fact that many of these professionals are being given standards without a blueprint to reference really bothers me.
I've done research and have noted that many school districts in every state have been given the directive to establish benchmark assessments and leveled questions that will address these standards. The fact of the matter is, the reason why your teacher may be struggling teaching your students is because they do not know what to teach.
What Can Be Done?
Let's face it, children are struggling in school. If the expectations are not presented properly, it will be difficult for them to perform at any level. I am unsure as to how long it will take for the various school districts and states to follow through on their promise to help students "reach for the top", but until that happens, I would not wait for your child to fail.
If you are looking to have your child have the confidence and skill sets needed to navigate through this tumultuous time, find a company that has a track record of adapting to the changing needs of education. At Learning Ridge, we've made certain that we have the resources and materials to help each student access the information that they need in order to be confident and successful in their educational endeavors. Months have been spent aligning our services and products to make sure that we have everything that we need so that every minute we spend working with the student yields the best results. It's something that we have seen tremendous results in - and has attributed to the success of many who have called on us.

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